Where to find free, royalty-free images


These websites will provide you with hundreds of thousands of high-quality images for you to use however you see fit – for free!

Whether it’s an album cover or a promotional image, if you’re using an image online or commercially, you either need to have the copyright to it, or better yet, find an image that’s copyright-free. author!

Here we have collected some of the best websites we know where you can browse thousands and thousands of images and download them to use for free however you want. Make sure to always check permissions when uploading an image as there may be some restrictions.

If you’re looking for endless choice, then Pixabay should be the site for you. They have nearly 2 million images that you can download for free and use without worrying about copyrights.

Among their images are photos, illustrations, vector designs and videos, all available to explore, download and use. It’s a nice range covering a diverse range of mediums so you can find the style that best suits what you’re looking for.

Pikwizard is a new site with an already huge collection of over 100,000 free images and videos free of use. With a goal of offering over a million images and videos in total, they promise to be an even richer resource than they already are.

Pikwizard also claims exclusivity on a bunch of their images, so you won’t find them anywhere else. They also focus on capturing stock-style images that you’ll usually only find on paid stock image websites – incredibly handy for business!

Additionally, their website features its own graphic design tool so you can jump straight into editing the image and make it look the way you want to use it in whatever you want. There is a lot of brilliant content in this new site.

Unsplashed Banner

Unsplash has a brilliant catalog with such a variety of images that you should be able to search for anything you’re looking for and find results.

That being said, the search results aren’t always as accurate as you’d like, but the navigation is simple and yields some unexpectedly beautiful images.

Most of the images are from the photographers themselves, so you get the content and permission to use it straight from the source.

With royalty free images, you are free to use them however you wish – except to sell the images without major edits – but it’s always nice to credit the original photographer/artist whenever possible! Good navigation.


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