Watch Jack Quaid tell stories based on silly stock photos

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Left to Right: Photo: TRBfoto/Getty Images, Image: Best Possible Screenshot/CBS, Photo: John M Lund Photography Inc./Getty Images. Context: Best possible screenshot/CBS.
Graphic: Libby McGuire

The cast of the Paramount Plus Series Star Trek: Lower Decks is full of great and fun improvisers, Bang Bang Comedy ordinary Fawn Newsome at The right placeis clean Pilboi, Eugene Cordero. That’s why we recruited cast members including Newsome, Cordero, The boys‘Jack Quaid, and Saturday Night Live alum Noël Wells to play a little game we like to call Stock Photo Cinema. In the game below, players are tasked with creating stories and narratives around random ridiculous stock images we find on the web. Let’s look.

Are you in an NSFW environment or don’t feel like straining your eyes with images that move and talk? Then check out a clip from the video above, transcribed below and inspired by this glorious image:

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Photo: TRBphoto (Getty Images)

Noel Wells: He’s made a few cameos in big-budget movies, and now he’s got his bae. He met her on Raya. It may be a scam, but he doesn’t want to believe it. She says she loves him and so he takes her leftover money and he takes her to fancy hotels.

He talks to his agent, trying to get bigger roles. He’s like, “Why wasn’t I in The green knight?”

Eugene Cordero: Yes. “Why wasn’t I in The green knightEspecially since a lot of the cameos he did didn’t even have chimpanzees in them. They’re not like what you think, like, Planet of the Apes Where Dumbo. He was in Fargo. I think it was his first job.

NO: He broke a lot of… it’s not glass ceilings… He broke a lot of vines. And he really promotes diversity and representation in his species.

The second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks premieres today on Paramount Plus.


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