Watch Archer stars blunder in bizarre stock photos

Clockwise from left: Photo: Iryna Kuznetsova (Shutterstock);  Pam and Dr. Krieger of Archer (FXX);  Lucky Yates (Photo: Guy D'Alama/FX);  Photo: Ladanifer (Getty Images);  Amber Nash (Photo: Guy D'Alama/FX)

Clockwise from left: Photo: Iryna Kuznetsova (Shutterstock); Pam and Dr. Krieger from Archer (FXX); Lucky Yates (Photo: Guy D’Alama/FX); Photo: Ladanifer (Getty Images); Amber Nash (Photo: Guy D’Alama/FX)
Graphic: Karl Gustavson

We like to challenge fun people to do fun things, that’s why we created Stock Photo Cinema. It’s a game we play where we challenge our favorite funny humans to create stories behind some of the craziest photos we can find online. Hilarity ensues and laughs are had.

The latest actors to step onto the Stock Photo Cinema plaque are two voice acting veterans and improv legends who happen to be part of the Archer to throw. With Archerthe 12th season debuts on August 25, we invited Amber “Pam Poovey” Nash and Lucky “Algernop Krieger” Yates in our virtual studio to take weird and bizarre pictures. You can see the results in the video below.

If you prefer to read jokes, you can check out a selected passage from one of the duo’s riffs below. Here is the photo they were given:

A snake cat with a pumpkin full of potion and an electric broom

Picture: Iryna Kuznetsova (Shutterstock)

Amber Nash: Fortunately, we are just in time for dinner at this snake cat witch.

Lucky Yates: I mean, it’s a witch’s pumpkin farm. Obviously, she is currently his pet cat. Snake takes care of the stew. While I guess the hot rod witch—this is from the hot rod witch property, which is a series of YA novels that will soon be turned into a cinematic multiverse.

A: Yeah, she’s a witch with a rockabilly vibe.

LY: Yes my guy. She’s the bad girl of the witch community. She doesn’t take any nerve from anyone.

A: She also has a loose bottom. That’s why she needs to have a seat on her broom that can support her ample behind.

LY: It has a wide double seat. Look at this man. It is fully padded.

I appreciate his digital reading on his hot rod broom.

A: It’s so she can tell where she’s going.

Is it this GPS or is it the calories she burns?

LY: If you notice, there are several buttons on it. There are many functions in this tiny screen. You can say it’s an altimeter. It judges your height from the ground.

The new season of Archer premieres August 25. You can watch the new season trailer here.


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