Want to avoid a copyright lawsuit? This royalty-free stock image for under $20 will do


In case you missed it, last month our own Napier Lopez reported on how Google Images disabled your ability to upload photos to the web. Of course, Google didn’t do this just to make your life harder. They did it because digital image copyright infringement is rampant…and without you even realizing it, your use of an unauthorized image could end up costing you thousands of dollars if the owner of the photo sues you.

These lawsuits are no joke, so protect yourself with a service like Stock-Graphics, which offers a library of royalty-free images for your use on the web. With their current offer, you can now get lifetime access to the Stock-Graphics archive for just $19.

Whether you need photos to accompany a written article as components of an art project or simply for your personal use, Stock-Graphics offers over 13,500 images and nearly 3,000 vector graphics for you to use as you see fit. .

From people, buildings and objects to characters and design elements, Stock-Graphics’ art stock will give you dozens of options for any project you have.

You can upload as many images as you want, as often as you want. With a library that grows every month, this collection will have you covered whenever you need the right image without legal liability.

A lifetime of access to Stock-Graphics would typically cost close to $5,000, which is why anyone looking for ready-made charts needs to snag this offer now at $19 before it ends.


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