These free swimsuit photos include the body


Archive photos rarely have a link with reality. For example, when do you need a photo of a submerged nun praying to a goldfish? Or a sad office worker trying to save a blob fish? Or two comely people sniffing a flip-flop? Let’s go with never. There are entire subreddits dedicated to the weird, dark, WTF stock photos of the world. One thing that stock photos tend not to be, however, is representative of all body types, despite the fact that two-thirds of women in the United States are considered “plus-size.”

[Photo: Michael Poley of Poley Creative for AllGo]

AllGo, a review app dedicated to making sure the world and all of its public spaces are welcoming to everyone, is working to change that. She has just unveiled her latest collection of archival photos, the Swim Collection. This is a free stock photo library filled with images of plus size models in swimwear, proving the fact that every body is a beach body.

The photos feature a wide array of models at a pool party, a scene that may be familiar to fans of the Hulu series Acute, which inspired the filming. ” Assoon asAcutecame out, the questions started pouring in,” AllGo founder Rebecca Alexander said. “People wanted to know, ‘When was the big pool party in their town that summer?’ So we decided to answer it, we put together a list of as many fat pool parties as we could find, but when we went to post the list on our site, it was impossible to find any pictures to go along with the list. .

“There just weren’t any stock photos of tall people in bathing suits,” she added.

The Swim collection ensures that photo editors always have an option when choosing images. The collection is available here and on Unsplash and is available for all uses.

This is AllGo’s second photo collection, following the release of the ​Home Collection​ last month. The service is clearly doing something with its images, as photos from AllGo’s first collection were downloaded 25,000 times in the 30 days after they were posted.


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