These 7 Bizarre Gay Stock Photos Will Help You Feel More Normal / LGBTQ Nation


Stock images are part of the language of the internet, helping readers relate to the content of an article.

But no one relates to these bizarre queer images.

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Articles posted on news sites need a visual element, and stock images are useful when no other image will work.

LGBTQ Nation often uses images from Shutterstock, a subscription photo service that gives users access to 370 million photos. And in those millions of photos… some are a little off.

Here are seven queer stock images to help you feel more normal.

This one shows a gay couple watching a horror movie before falling asleep on a train track. The caption reads that the photo shows “Non-traditional sexual orientation in nature. Concept problem prohibiting homosexuals and not being able to move.

This lesbian courtship photo is captioned, “Two blonde women gently nibble on both sides of a pink and white icing donut. Lesbian girls play sex games.

women eating the same donut

This image is intended to illustrate LGBTQ history lessons at school. Fortunately, students are more attentive than any student.

teenager sitting straight, teacher shows rainbow flag

This image has been widely used on the internet for articles about LGBTQ teen depression. But that doesn’t stop it from being a shot of a boy crying on a bench while holding a rainbow flag.

sad teenager with rainbow flag

Less well known is this photo by the same photographer, just in case an article about LGBTQ teen depression is very US-specific

Depressed teenager with american flags and rainbow

This is just one photo from a larger photoshoot involving these two women, who are pictured as a couple “wearing sportswear covering one eye with their hand, a confident smile on their face and a surprised emotion” .

Who knows why they’re covering one eye, but at least they’re confident about it.

women covering one eye

This photo is meant to accompany a story about judges who oppose marriage equality…if victims of discrimination are particularly happy to be disenfranchised.

The photographer wrote in the caption, “People in this photo are models/actors and may have political or religious beliefs independent of those depicted,” just in case anyone thinks these people are gay.

bizarre marriage with a judge saying


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