Stunning sculptures made from hundreds of photos


Type “beach” in Do a Google search and you’ll get 2.1 billion hits. This includes more photos than you could ever look at, taken by professionals and amateurs alike, using everything from iPhones to satellites. Images quickly fade into a blur of blue and yellow.

Photographer Anastasia Samoylova celebrates this oversaturation of images in Sublime Landscape. She combines generic photos gleaned from the internet to create sculptures that prove there aren’t many discoveries when you can google everything. “These environments are already premeditated for us,” says Samoylova. “Photographs create a distinct reality.”

Samoylova begins each sculpture with a search for a generic term like “canyon”. She prints a dozen images, then builds colorful 3D landscapes using gels, metallic wrapping paper and mirrors. Samoylova lights her designs to look like advertisements, bringing an extra synthetic shine.

The project also pokes fun at the idea that the most popular photos on Flickr and Instagram tend to be the prettiest. That said, she has nothing against a nice beach pic and has been known to share a cute photo or two. “I can never pass up a rainbow,” she admits. Even if his shot is one in a billion.


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