Simu Liu got trolled with his old stock photos and shared that he doesn’t get any royalties


Simu Liu hosted an episode of Carpool Karaoke and his co-pilot took the opportunity to embarrass him with his old archive photos.

On a recent episode of the AppleTV+ series, action superhero star Jessica Henwick told the Canadian celeb that she did some research on him and brought along some props to tease him.

She showed him a print of one of her infamous archive photos in which Liu sits at a table with co-workers, which she says is some of her “best work.”

“I’m the one studying some annual reports, clearly we’re in the dark and the shareholders are happy,” he said of the photo.

For the next photo she presented to him, Henwick noted that things looked a little tense.

“Things weren’t going so well here,” he said of the photo where he appears to look tense in a business meeting. “I lost my tie. We’re a little in the red in this one.”

“And then the business closed and you got another job, right?” she says, showing him a photo where he seems to be doing Zumba.

“The thing you need to know about stock photos is that they own the images forever and they can do whatever they want,” he said.

He also confirmed that he does not collect any royalties.

“I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been to karate dojos, I’ve been to gyms, I’ve been on textbook covers,” he shared. “Dozens, if not hundreds, of corporate e-learning.”

The couple then decided it was time to create new archive photos as they posed for ‘a couple fighting in a car’, ‘a couple hitting a body’ and ‘a couple laughing hitting a body “.

After their little shoot, they performed a wonderful single on “All Of Me” by John Legend.

Fun stuff!

This isn’t the first time Liu has had to deal with his stock photos. In March, the actor called Toshiba for using one of his old photos.

“Toshiba, whatever you paid for this photo, I guarantee you I would have approved you for less. Now we are enemies.” Liu tweeted.

Only time will tell where the photos will appear next!


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