Simu Liu gets his legendary photos back


Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr

A low point of Simu LiuCareer is now his ace in the hole.

The Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings The actor has modeled for stock photos before, the results of which can be seen on websites, brochures, books, posters, magazines, billboards and, more refreshingly, on the account Liu’s Twitter, where he became a meme.

On Monday, Liu tweeted two photos of his Zumba set with his new book published in his hand. ” On the occasion of We were dreamers on the New York Times bestseller list, I get my Zumba stock photos back! ” he wrote. He also thanked everyone who purchased his book, as well as Olivia Munn and Ryan Reynolds for contributing the back cover.

This wasn’t the first time Liu had adopted her stock photos. When Shang Chi scored big at the box office, Liu tweeted an image of himself pointing at a computer screen with a laughing person on either side of him, along with the message, “Me laughing at people who thought we’d flop .”

Liu did a photoshoot in 2014 for $120 and waiving his rights because he had credit card debt.

Fans have since discovered a plethora of archival footage of Liu in the wild. “They are everywhere,” Liu tweeted. Even he was surprised to find his face on a Toshiba printer booklet. “Toshiba, whatever you paid for this photo, I guarantee I would have approved you for less. Now we are enemies,” the actor hilariously wrote.

You can see images of Liu under copyright in We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Storywhich is now in bookstores.


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