Shutterstock Deal Gives You Free Images for Facebook Ads


Facebook has been actively courting small businesses for some time now. And three new features in particular should appeal to small businesses with limited resources.

First, Facebook and Shutterstock announced an agreement which will give advertisers free access to Shutterstock’s huge library of images to use in their Facebook ads. This feature will be introduced over the next few weeks.

On the official Shutterstock blog, Vice President David Fraga explained how the free images feature for Facebook ads works:

“Shutterstock will be integrated directly into the Facebook Ads Creation Tool, where advertisers can test multiple images – including their own photos, visuals from their previous ads, and Shutterstock’s professional stock images – on mobile ad products and Facebook desktop.”

The screenshot shows how you chose the images for the ads, straight from Facebook.

Shutterstock Images for Facebook Ads

How Images for Facebook Ads Help Small Businesses

The new arrangement will mean the most for small businesses that don’t have the budget to hire big marketing firms.

  • You have access to more than 25 million professional photos.
  • All images are licensed. You don’t have the copyright risk that you would have by grabbing images from the web without permission (which we strongly advise against).
  • Creating ads will be faster and easier now that you have access to Facebook ad images directly in the ad creation tool.
  • Small businesses get better insight into their ad campaigns at no additional cost.
  • And while advertisers don’t pay anything extra for images, under this agreement, Shutterstock artists will always be paid. Many of them are self-employed and small business owners themselves. This means that every time you use a Shutterstock image for your Facebook ads, you could be supporting another small business like yourself.

Of course, you can always choose your own images for Facebook ads. It is just now that you will have an additional option integrated.

Two More Small Business Features on Facebook

In a post on the official Facebook for Business blog, the company presented two more feature enhancements.

  • Advertisers will be able to create multiple ads at once. The new feature in the Facebook Ads Creation Tool will allow advertisers to upload multiple images from Shutterstock or previous ads for those ads. The feature also makes it easier to modify ads over time to test their effectiveness, according to the post. For small businesses, this means the ability to easily create and test a more sophisticated advertising campaign without having to hire an expensive outside agency.
  • Pages Manager app updates are available for android and iOS. They make it easier for you to manage your business pages on Facebook from a mobile device. For example, you can now upload multiple photos for a single post. The new app also lets you edit your admin sections. It even lets you add admins to any page you manage. For small business owners, perhaps running one or more Pages, this can help you stay on top of your Facebook presence while on the go or on your way to a meeting. This means you don’t have to hire someone else to do it while you’re away.

Image credits: Shutterstock and Facebook ads

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