Shang-Chi’s Simu Liu Used to Model for File Photos


He may be the new star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Simu Liu first made a name for himself in a very different way – as a prolific photo model.

Liu, who plays martial arts master Shang-Chi in the upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsis probably best known for his role as Jung Kim in Kim’s Conveniencebut some fans might find themselves recognizing his face from elsewhere.

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Whether it’s on the cover of a textbook, the homepage of a website, or a poster for a YMCA meeting, Liu’s face keeps popping up in unexpected places. Over the years, fans have taken to social media to ask Liu if the photos in question were actually of him, or just a very convincing lookalike, and according to the actor, there’s a simple yet hilarious explanation.

Before he rose to fame in Hollywood, Liu did acting and modeling jobs to pay the bills, including a photo modeling job that would end up haunting him for years.

Posting on Instagram recently, he shared a photo of an advertisement in a window on the side of a building, featuring none other than Liu himself standing front and center in a building hat.

Shang-Chi's Simu Liu Used to Model for File PhotosInstagram: simulated
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“I did ONE stock photo shoot for $100 cash in 2014…and ended up on HUNDREDS of ads, storefronts, brochures and textbook covers,” he said. wrote, adding ‘Moral of the story: think twice about doing a stock photo shoot because they own the photos FOREVER.’

Luckily, Simu Liu sees the fun side of the archival photo saga and often shares the unusual places her face has appeared on social media. Last year he tweeted a selection of her favorite images, with the caption “I legitimately wonder if I’m the greatest stock photo model of all time”, before jokingly imploring people to “please stop ‘buy these pictures’.

He also pointed out the irony of one of the most circulated images of him on the front of an accounting textbook, developer that he was an accountant himself, but that he “hated every minute of every day” and that he “was fired because I was so bad”.

While Liu would probably prefer the images to be deleted from the internet forever, according to Huffington Post, Liu’s photo collection is still up for grabs on Getty Images. And with Shang Chi is set to hit theaters in September, giving fans plenty of time to get to grips with its photo past.


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