Scientists share the most ridiculous photos of their work on Twitter


If you imagine a scientist as a guy in a white coat who spends all day looking at flasks, you can blame the popular media. A quick image search of the word scientist displays dozens of stock photos that fit this stereotype. And when photos deviate from the norm, things start to get weird. Now real scientists are sharing some of these bizarre depictions on Twitter using the hashtag #badstockphotosofmyjob.

Some stock photos contain errors that would go unnoticed by most members of the public. But show a pro a model posing with a goblet of tinted water or an upside-down double helix, and they might have something to say.

Despite all the lab equipment, safety rules are apparently broken all the time in the world of stock photography. On rare occasions, fake scientists abandon lab coats altogether for lingerie, or nothing at all.

The most confusing trends in science photos include injecting mysterious liquid into plants and holding stethoscopes in front of inanimate objects.

Luckily, real-world scientists are much better at their jobs than the scientists in the stock photos claim. To get a clearer picture of the difference between a scientist’s job and the stereotype, check out some behind-the-scenes testimonials from their work in the field.

[h/t IFL Science]


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