More than 150,000 vintage photos are now available for free


Vintage photos

The company that is working to end the generic photo trend with vintage photos is offering the entire collection for free. Vintage Stock Photos announced on Thursday that its entire collection is now free to download.

Vintage Stock Photos has an archive of over 150,000 images taken worldwide from multiple sources. For years, the website offered the images under a royalty-free license for between $6 and $18 per photo. Now the company says the images retain the same license but drop the fee.

“We fell in love with these images because they stand out in a sea of ​​barren stock photos,” said Chance Agrella, Founder of Vintage Stock Photos. “And we’ve had success with them as a niche catalog, but offering the collection as free stock photos gives us the motivation to continue building the image inventory for a wider audience.”

The vintage photos collection belongs to Freerange Stock, a company that shares free stock photos. Aligning business models between the two platforms made sense, Agrella said.

Instead of making a profit from license sales, Freerange Stock subsists on advertising revenue, some of which goes to the photographers who contribute the shots. According to the Vintage Stock Photos website, sales under prior licensing rights were slow.

“We prefer to give away all of our images and provide our users with a consistent free photo experience. It’s a lot more fun to post photos and enjoy what the design community can do with them,” said Agrella.

For the switch to a free commercial model, the company says the images were manually reprocessed, correcting exposure without eliminating the vintage effect.

Vintage Stock Photos images are free for personal and commercial use – the only restriction is that the images cannot be redistributed so advertising is OK but selling it on a T-shirt is not. The company says the images come from collections it acquires and are scanned and uploaded to the system.

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