JumpStory can serve up all the photos, videos, and graphics you need for life for less than $100


TLDR: With a lifetime subscription to JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography, you’ll have millions of images, videos, and graphics to legally use in all your media projects forever.

If Rihanna is embroiled in a copyright infringement lawsuit, it would be easy to assume that an enthusiastic YouTuber used “Umbrella” on one of her videos or a blogger created a post and illegally swept away his likeness.

No. Turns out it’s Rihanna who’s being sued. According to the suit, the pop star used the work of father-daughter musicians King Khan and Saba Lou without permission in an Instagram video promoting her beauty brand — and now, they seek unspecified damages. And by the time it’s all said and done, Rihanna’s bank account could be a few zeros lighter.

Being the victim of a copyright infringement lawsuit is not a good idea for anyone. Rather than playing Russian roulette with potentially dubious sources, a top-notch library like JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography can remove all of those worries while providing an extra layer of professionalism and graphical panache to any multimedia project.

As a member of JumpStory, users have immediate access to over 25 million stock images, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, music and more. Everything in the JumpStory archive is easily downloadable in a multitude of different file formats, legally permitted, and ready to be used in anything from a YouTube video to a blog, from a website to a media post. social media, or even a sales email.

The stock photography is in the name of JumpStory, but as mentioned, that is by no means the extent of their credentials. While JumpStory is home to over 20 million professional photos in dozens of different categories, including over 100 collections around trending topics, there are also 500,000 videos, 500,000 illustrations, and over 200,000 vector graphics, icons, fonts, and more. Moreover. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 new additions are included in the library practically every day.

Then… there’s JumpStory’s secret weapon. With their super-handy AI TextMatch feature, you can have JumpStory rate your text and search the archives for the perfect image options to match your written words. Meanwhile, there’s also the HighJumper AI tool, which looks at the images you’re considering and then predicts which ones will have the biggest impact and generate the most clicks for your work.

A lifetime subscription to JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography usually costs upwards of $2,300, but you can get it now as part of this offer for much less, only $99.99.

Prices are subject to change.


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