ImageBrief shuts down after 6 years of trying to disrupt stock photos


ImageBrief announced to its members this morning that it is closing after six years of connecting agencies and brands with photographers.

The company was founded in 2011 and subsequently raised $1.5 million for its mission to disrupt the stock photography industry. The idea was that instead of buying cheap, generic photos through stock agencies, buyers could simply post “briefs” with their demands, budget, and timeline. Photographers registered with ImageBrief would then receive the briefs and submit photos for review.

Premium photographers could also use the service to promote their services and be put in touch directly with buyers to arrange a photo shoot to satisfy briefs. ImageBrief’s Twitter says the service was used by more than 12,000 brand marketers to get photos from more than 65,000 photographers in recent days.

Unfortunately, it seems that ImageBrief has reached the end of the road. Here is the email message

Today we are announcing that after six years of connecting agencies, brands and creators, we will be closing ImageBrief’s photographer marketing services.

We’re proud of the products and apps we’ve created, but more than that, we’re grateful to the community that has allowed them to thrive. Over 70,000 creators have earned millions of dollars collaborating with over 12,500 global agencies and brands in 169 countries.

There’s never been a better time for creators to thrive. The demand for content has increased and the tools to create world-class creations are more accessible than ever.

Our talented team of engineers, designers, developers and curators have worked tirelessly to make ImageBrief a success in a competitive and rapidly changing landscape, and our immediate priority is to help you make the transition to other services to support your business.

In the next few days, our team will contact you directly with detailed information about your specific account, license history and services. Over the next week, we recommend logging into ImageBrief to download and preserve your license history and associated assets. […]

We would like to thank you for your participation and loyalty, and look forward to working with you over the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition.


Team ImageBrief

ImageBrief says all photos of photographers that have been uploaded to the service will be deleted from its servers within a week. During this week, you will also be able to log into the site to pick up additional copies of your licenses (which you are still legally obligated to comply with).

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