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It is recommended to post on Instagram between one and three times a day to maximize engagement and reach. It’s a lot of high quality original photography.

Many companies, who realize the incredible benefits of growing their brand on this platform, don’t have the time or budget to conjure up this level of creative imagery.

Luckily, stock photo websites provide an effortless opportunity to post fantastic filler content on social media.

If done correctly, it can help businesses maintain the momentum of their social media marketing without ruining the overall quality of their account.

Below, we suggest some tips for ensuring the best use of stock photos on Instagram – and how it can increase traffic to your retail store.

Which photos to choose

It’s generally recommended to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all your Instagram photos. It helps you build an attractive profile, increase your brand awareness and attract a wider audience.

Images from a low-quality stock photography website are likely to ruin your aesthetic and stick out like a sore thumb.

Luckily, some websites specialize in posting high-quality lifestyle images taken by professional photographers.

These images are less likely to look out of place in the context of your profile, especially if you add filters or typography that matches your overall brand. Ideally, you choose images that are not already heavily filtered, as this will make it easier to add your own aesthetic.

If you’re not an expert photographer and don’t have the budget to employ one, chances are these websites will be able to deliver more eye-catching images than you can create on your own.

It should go without saying, but be sure to only post images to which you own the rights. Instagram’s terms and conditions state that you are solely responsible for all content you post. Essentially, this means that even if it doesn’t violate their rules for infringing copyright, you can still get in legal trouble if you get caught.

There are many free stock photo websites out there, which give you royalty free rights for commercial use of images without having to credit the photographer, so there really is no excuse for posting photos you don’t own. rights.

Drive in-store customers with Stock Photos

High-quality stock photos will make it easier for you to post, but how can you turn that into additional traffic for your physical store?

Geotagging your post is a good start, even if it’s based on a stock photo. Not only have location-based posts been shown to increase engagement by 79%, but it also allows users to discover the exact location of the store.

The user only has to click on the name of the place to access a map on which he can zoom in and zoom out if necessary. Clicking this link will also allow them to see any other photos that have been tagged to your location.

Adding typography above a geotagged stock image is a great way to advertise an in-store offer. There are plenty of simple picture-editing apps out there that allow even the biggest technophobes to do this.

Many businesses encourage their existing in-store customers to promote their brand on Instagram. For example, many bars offer customers a free photo if they share a photo of themselves inside the venue.

Retailers could follow their example by offering a small gift or a discount on their next purchase. Make sure the incentive is good enough to encourage action, but not the campaign ends up costing you a fortune.

You can use these techniques to promote an offer online if you prefer. Many companies promote blog posts on Instagram using stock photos with the post title placed over them, for example.

Keep in mind that URLs posted in image captions won’t turn into hyperlinks, so you better use the link given to you in your bio and direct people there with a call for help. action in your image caption.

Instagram business accounts now have the ability to direct people to a URL from their stories, so it’s worth adding promotional images there as well.

How often to post stock photos

The key to avoiding using stock photos on your Instagram account without ruining your account’s aesthetic is to use them sparingly. Maybe pepper in a stock photo once every four or five frames at most.

Single images should make up the majority of your content, because that’s what it’s all about on this platform.

However, with the right choice of photo provider, it is possible to add even more quality to your account without the effort of taking high quality photos every day.

*Tyler Walch is a Product Growth Hacker and a big fan of all things media. He’s your man for everything from learning about marketing tactics, swapping photography tips, sharing your latest new musical finds, and chatting about the latest Netflix original series.


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