How TONL Makes Photos Less White


“We understood the impact this imagery could have on the world,” says Kissi. “While there are major discrepancies in how people visually perceive black people in the United States, we knew this was also a global issue and there were people everywhere in the world who do not see reflective images of their daily lives.”

With this in mind, TONL has taken a distinct approach to its site, which allows users to take advantage of a diverse set of images, while understanding and connecting with some of the faces and cultural experiences depicted in the photos. ‘archives. The official launch of the site is scheduled for August 21, but subscribers have been gradually introduced to different aspects of the site over the past few months.

There are six content categories on TONL: Tone, Trust, Travel, Tradition, Taste, and Today. Users can check out “Tone” for images related to health and wellness; when looking for representations of culture or family, they searched under “Tradition”.

When registering on the site, subscribers are asked to answer a few questions about their own ethnicity, which allows Okonkwo and Kissi to gauge their audience demographics. Okonkwo notes that some might be surprised to learn that the second largest subscriber base is already Caucasian, after African Americans.


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