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Whether you’re creating content for a personal blog, marketing your business, or writing a story, having beautiful, eye-catching visual content is a must. This is the most important aspect of getting eyes on your writing. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Images can make or break your content. Your featured image is one of the main things potential readers will use to decide if they want to read your story. Not only should your featured image grab attention, but the content images should grab attention as well. Visual content is gaining more and more ground. This is because our content consumption behavior is changing. Social networks favor visual content, and they tend to generate more engagement than text-only content. Today we’re going to look at how to choose the best free images to make your content stand out and entertain your audience.

A picture is worth a thousand words

While the saying goes “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, that’s usually what people do. In other words, images are the first impression you need to give. If you want your content to look professional, make sure you always choose high resolution images. Online images should never be less than 72 dpi (dots per inch) and printed images should never be less than 300 dpi. Pixelated or smudged images will drive readers away. Keep in mind that the higher the quality, the more space it takes up, which leads to a longer loading time. Dig deep and find good quality images. You can google reverse an image to find a better quality version.

The pictures are the first impression

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Image License

There are three basic types of images. Here’s what you need to know about them and how to use them.

  • Royalty-free. A publisher buys a license once and can use the work according to the license.
  • Public domain. Here, there are no restrictions and no copyright claims.
  • Creative Commons. Works may be used, but only within the restrictions set forth.

There are three basic types of images

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Image bank

There are many websites where you can find good quality, royalty-free images for your content. Searching for very specific types of photos can be frustrating, which is why stock photos are great. Websites like Shutterstock offer many diverse and high-quality photos. The photos are also royalty-free, but you have to pay a small fee for them. But it’s worth it. Once you pay, they become royalty-free, which means you can use the photo as many times as you want. In addition to the variety of photos, there are a variety of Shutterstock Promo Codes you can use to get a lot.

The stock photos are excellent

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Correspondence with content

The images you choose should reflect the content. The tone of the image should match the text. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the most visually appealing images.

  • When using multiple images in a series, try to look for visual or thematic similarities.
  • As we mentioned, make sure the image works. It must match the content. You cannot have pictures of cats in an article about dogs.
  • Use an image that is not used often. Scroll deep, find something original, don’t use the same image as everyone else. You can even make your own!
  • Select the images you like. After all, you choose an image that will represent your work. Your image must appeal to potential readers and to you.

The tone of the image should match the text

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These are the main tips and tricks we have for you on how to find the best free images to use. Now you can confidently continue to find the best images for your content.

How to find the best free images to use

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