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I can’t remember which social media link triggered my descent down the rabbit hole of art-related stock footage on 123RF, but after a while I realized I had taken the blue pill. (I mix my Alice in Wonderland pictures with The matrixbut forgive me.)

Yes, this world is mostly white and very thin. The men look exceptionally well put together, while the women are sexy, wearing lipstick in the studio and occasionally giving the viewer flirty looks.

The art world, if these archival images are to be believed, performs its rituals in heavenly white rooms where the art is blurry and sometimes laughable. Reality? Fiction? It’s art… of the world. The text at the top is the text description provided by 123RF.

Image credits: massonforstock / 123RF Stock Photo, damedeeso / 123RF Stock Photo, shotsstudio / 123RF Stock Photo, Tawng / 123RF Stock Photo, poznyakov / 123RF Stock Photo, shotsstudio / 123RF Stock Photo, kwasny221 / 123RF Stock Photo, marcovarro / 123RF Stock Photo , moodboard / 123RF Stock Photo, leshabu / 123RF Stock Photo, bryndin / 123RF Stock Photo, dinhngochung / 123RF Stock Photo

Set in a realm where humans are no longer sovereign, Candice Lin’s elaborate installation highlights the life and death of felines, critters, microbes and demons in a practice of creating parents.

Harout Bastajian has built a career painting calligraphic and geometric designs for the domes of mosques around the world. The results are breathtaking.

The question remains: is an African museum, designed by an African architect, capable of undoing the institutional violence it inherited?

Thanks to a somewhat unusual remastering process, the acclaimed surrealist artist/filmmaker’s latest feature film to date can be experienced in a whole new way.


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