Five of the best military stock photos (that we could afford)


After a thorough 3 minute search online, we licensed 5 of the best military photos. You are welcome for our service.

1. O say, can you…uh line?

Get a real Starship Troopers vibe from this. Remember that service guarantees citizenship. Do you want to know more?

2. If appearances could kill

It gives the impression that it would be the picture ad of a mobile game that has nothing to do with the demo.

3. Oh yeah, I know what all those lights are doing

These guys look like a splinter cell spy who will fall out of the air vent and fill the whole room with top cuts.

4. Has anyone mentioned GI Bill?

These “students” appear to be enrolled at the prestigious University of South Atropia. For only 99% of your GI bill, you can have an official (unofficial) certificate (not legally a certificate) in Underwater Basket Weaving (online course, no underwater courses take place), so register from today !

5. A little impressed by this photo

This stock photo doesn’t look half bad. At first glance, you might pass this off as a real marine unit using high-speed technology. However, two things give it away:

  1. This unsecured chin strap
  2. Sailors can’t read.

I’m sure you salt hounds can point out a few more discrepancies as well.

Stock photos of a prospective company

Someone had to pay for these models, buy the cabinets, hire photographers and editors. So they must have believed they could sell them. But who doesn’t buy these photos? I just want to talk.

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