eBay Stock Photos presents challenges for sellers


Sellers continue to report issues with stock photos as eBay moves to a catalog system. Some sellers say eBay displays stock photos on their listings for *used* article, which they oppose because it may confuse buyers (and potentially higher returns for sellers).

The problem was described by a seller in a recent Letter to the Editor, but according to its own policy, eBay prohibits the use of stock photos for used items. “Catalog images are acceptable, but not as the primary photo for used items, except those in the Books, Movies, Music, or Video Games categories,” according to the Politics.

So is it a breakdown? In July, an eBay moderator explained, “If the include catalog data option is checked and the condition is set to New, the stock photo will be included. As others have mentioned in this thread, if the catalog data option is unchecked, it will remove the stock photo from the list.”

But he did not address concerns from some sellers who said stock photos were appearing even for second-hand goods. And as sellers have pointed out, if a seller unchecks the catalog data option, it could negatively impact the viewability of the seller’s listings.

Yesterday, a seller posted a related issue in a thread about the issue, claiming that eBay had inserted a photo of the *wrong* article in a product page for an item they were listing.

“I was told that their catalog did not include the product that was in this listing. So someone from their staff mistakenly found a similar product in their catalog and without realizing the difference, they inserted this photo. They have done the same for at least 2 other sellers of the same product.

“That’s wrong! If they don’t like my ad or my photo, they have the right to delete the ad. They don’t have the right to edit my ad without my permission!”

As eBay continues to roll out its catalog structure in other categories, let us know what challenges you face and benefits you see in eBay’s new catalog approach.

Update of 03/09/18: On page 4 of this thread, Post #70, a moderator this morning responded to a seller who said eBay had included incorrect photos in many listings, causing cases of items not complying with the Description:

“Our technical teams are aware of this issue and are working on a fix as soon as possible. I apologize for any issues this has caused and assure you that we will protect you should any buyer raise any concerns due to this issue. If any thing changes, please get my attention and I’ll be happy to update the survey.”


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