Dove wants to make stock photos that represent real people


Dove, GirlGaze and Getty Images help ensure stock photos represent a much more diverse population. The three companies have partnered to create the world’s largest photography library, created exclusively by women and non-binary people. The #ShowUs project, whose goal is to encourage global change towards a “more inclusive view of beauty”, features more than 5,000 images of women around the world taken by 116 GirlGaze photographers.

“Girlgaze was born out of a need to center the female perspective and secure paid employment for women and non-binary creatives,” GirlGaze Founder and CEO Amanda de Cadenet said in a press release. “The #ShowUs project is a game-changing initiative because we know that when there’s more diversity behind the lens, there’s more diversity ahead.”

According to a 2019 study by Dove, the search term “real people” has increased by 192% over the past year on Getty Images, “diverse women” by 168% and “strong women” by 187%. The same study also showed that 70% of women still do not feel represented in the media.

“While we’ve seen a positive shift in the popularity of photography that realistically depicts women,” said Getty Creative Ideas Director Dr. Rebecca Swift, “there’s still a long way to go.”

To ensure identities are portrayed authentically (and not fall into the trap of visual clichés), 179 women involved in #ShowUs personally wrote their own tags and descriptions.

The archive is also open for participation via Dove. Visit the site to submit submissions for possible inclusion.


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