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The world of stock photography can often be a weird and wonderful place. It can also be a slice of visual hell, offering storyline descriptions and keyword picks you wouldn’t dream of ever needing. It’s full of photos that probably shouldn’t exist, like almost all photos of Dark Stock Photos.

Dark Stock Photos is a Twitter account hosted by Yorkshire’s Own Andy Kelly, a writer with a penchant for good keywords and sharing the dark side of stock photography. The photos on the Twitter feed are all watermarked (so shareable) and the ones you could find yourself if you wanted to spend hours browsing through Shutterstock typing things like “stockholm syndrome” into the search box.

Some other recent photos include this disturbing gem:

Without forgetting this unfortunate:

Or this accurate depiction of when Josiah first encountered porn, juxtaposed with what he thinks about it now:

Some strike too close to home:

While others are just examples of Kevin’s daily life:

While Dark Stock Photos’ tagline says “extremely screwed up stock photography”, I feel like this represents an edge of our human reality that we don’t like to think about, but certainly exists in a stronger sense than the false reality put forward by most of what we see online.

There is a chilling truth in these photos, especially this one, which reflects how every day feels:

There is a lot of darkness in the world right now and while the remedy for such a thing may not be more darkness, there is something stupid and cynical about these stock photos that appeal to the sarcastic nature of my generation of Xennials, shared by the current generation of sardonic, snappy kids with an edge for the morbid and the crazy. Dark Stock Photos has something for everyone.

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