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Ward 2 Liberal candidate Jo Bromilow made headlines on Twitter and Facebook this week for claiming Blue Mountains council didn’t care about a local couple – despite the pair being from a photo from the archives of a British photo agency.

The photo used in the post was spotted on Alamy, a UK private stock photography agency after a search for ‘Senior Couple Going Through Finances Looking Worried’.

The message and accompanying image were posted on his Facebook campaign page, “Jo Bromilow Liberal Candidate for Ward 2 Blue Mountains,” on November 2. This was part of his effort to encourage housing for empty nests in the area.

In the comments section of the Facebook post, Ms Bromilow was asked: ‘Is this a local couple? They look so sad.’ Ms Bromilow’s page replied: “yes there [sic] are”.

Deputy mayor and former ward Liberal candidate Chris Van der Kley claimed Ms Bromilow ‘tried to hide the truth and then deleted her comments to cover her tracks’.

In response to Councilor Van der Kley’s allegations, including her comment below, Ms Bromilow said it was all a misunderstanding.

“Seeking to highlight the plight of Ward 2’s long-term residents who are struggling to downsize due to council policies, I’ve used a file photo to illustrate an informative social media post – using it to portray the older community in general and the sadness and worry they may feel.

“My team and I have met with a number of elderly residents who have expressed concerns about the lack of housing options as they attempt to downsize and their disappointment at having no choice but to leave the mountains and leave their communities.

“The wording of the answer to a question on the post has unfortunately led to a misunderstanding – it was meant to express agreement with the comment included in the question – and I hope this will not distract from the important issue. that our campaign is seeking to pursue with the council.

Cr Van der Kley is re-contesting the seat as an independent after a falling out with the Liberal Party over development.

“When Ward 2 Liberal candidate and Glenbrook resident Jo Bromilow was asked a direct question from a voter about whether a couple’s picture on her Facebook post were locals, rather than telling the truth , she chose not to,” said Cr Van der dit Kley.

Municipal elections will be held on December 4.

The stock photo with an Alamy watermark.


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