Best Online Sources to Find Fashionable Free Stock Photos for Business


Recent scientific research shows that 80% of people memorize what they see, compared to 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear. These statistics show why it is essential to use professional photos in commercial projects. High-quality visuals boost your marketing, which is a great tool for attracting new customers. In addition, well-chosen and high-quality images help your business convey communicative ideas, present products favorably and even create a positive brand image.

Which images are good for business? Consumers prefer full, high-resolution visuals where they can see every detail of your product and service. On the contrary, blurry and pixelated images only push them away. Read on to find out which files are suitable for commercial use and where to get them.

How can you use free stock photos for your business?

You can use stock footage to legally promote your business online or offline. Stock files are visuals that international photographers sell on specialized platforms. Several Internet users can buy a stock image and use it for various purposes. Files on stock content marketplaces are appropriately licensed to be implemented in commercial projects, for example, banner ads, website graphics, social media posts, business cards, pamphlets and printed materials. Also, in most cases, you can use one image for multiple tasks, which is especially useful for marketing and design agencies working on various projects.

Websites with high resolution images suitable for professional use

Stock content marketplaces offer licensed professional images that you can download online and use for commercial purposes. These platforms also provide extensive libraries of free files and curated themed image collections. You can follow trending topics and sort files on demand while browsing stock websites.

#1 Depositphotos

Depositphotos is an extensive library that contains trending stock images for businesses covering different topics. Over 65,000 free files including high quality stock photos, vectors, illustrations, clipart, icons and infographics are available at You can sort platform content using advanced search filters. This option will help you clarify your request and quickly find the necessary visuals. Simply filter your search results by orientation, contributor, color, location, origin and date. Depositphotos offers files under a royalty-free license, which means that you can download a necessary image and use it multiple times for many projects without paying additional costs.


Pixabay is an online platform offering free images for businesses. You can find stock photos, vector graphics, and illustrations on this stock content marketplace. Its library contains over 2.6 million files that you can legally use in commercial projects. International contributors replenish Pixabay with high-quality visuals every day. Use filters that sort images by file type, orientation, and size to find an image that’s right for your business. The platform provides content under a royalty-free license, so you don’t need to attribute the source or buy a subscription, even if you use visuals for commercial purposes. However, you can donate directly to the contributor by clicking on the Coffee button.

#3 Unsplash

Unsplash is a stock content marketplace that provides its users with free stock photos, wallpapers, illustrations, and patterns. All files are categorized and include sets on business topics, allowing you to easily search for images on a specific topic. You can also use the tags option to clarify your search query and browse files quickly. Additionally, Unsplash regularly posts trending photos with detailed statistics on the demand for a particular image. Therefore, you can choose less requested files and use relatively unique images. All visuals are completely free. However, some files are available under an editorial license, allowing use for illustrative purposes only.

#4 Pexels

This stock platform provides a huge library of free stock photos that you can use for personal and commercial purposes. New files from talented contributors are added every day. Pexels lets you search for needed visuals using advanced filters and browse curated image collections with trending files. You can also explore popular searches to better understand what visuals are in demand by other designers and brands. Also, you don’t need to attribute the source when using Pexels content in your design projects.

#5 Dream time

Dreamstime is a great community of content creators where you can find various stock files for your projects. The platform specializes in photos, editorial visuals, vectors and illustrations. You can explore themed categories and featured collections to find relevant content that most users enjoy. Dreamstime also allows files to be sorted by number of people in a scene, license type, orientation, color, resolution, and contributor. The content is published under a royalty-free, editorial or exclusive license.


Well-chosen, high-quality images can increase customer engagement and boost your marketing. You can find licensed files on popular websites with photos for businesses, called stock content markets. These images are suitable for creating online and offline promotions, such as banner ads, social media posts, and printed materials. When browsing large libraries, you can find the necessary visuals with just a few clicks. Explore the stock photos featured in this article and choose a suitable source for your commercial projects.


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